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Tim Murphy is Chief Executive Officer of Rebounderz International Family Entertainment Centers, executive speaker & national "best-selling" author. He advises CEO management leadership best practices to CEOs, c-level executives, founders & entrepreneurs from 30+ years with 120+ brands & 8,500+ locations.

As CEO, President, COO, CFO & Advisor, Tim has been with entertainment, restaurants, hospitality, food & beverage & retail service brands for public, private, startup & private equity firms. Tim's mentored CEOs, executives, founders & entrepreneurs through executive coaching & speaker workshops learning to:



Everyone should have an Advisor who has experienced many of the same callenges that you may be experiencing today. Like a coach, but only better by cutting down on the wasted time a coach may provide to you.

As an Advisor, Tim advises CEOs with honest & actionable feedback to achieve scale & recover time for executives. Tim coaches time control, compassion, specializing talents, simplifying work & achieving goals by probing habits and creating motivation to obtain personal, professional & financial goals faster. Tim finds blind spots & becomes a catalyst for new viewpoints to achieve objectives quickly and hold CEOs feet to the fire to obtain those objectives.



Sometimes there's pain before gain!

I’ve been there with decades of senior leadership. I coach self-examination to exceed challenges with self-communication, clarifying focus, aligning values & setting clear strategic goals. I have executives’ express vision / ideas to set what must be first, eliminate the unimportant & delegate persuasively to align teams.

With years of actual c-level business experience ("been there and done that"), Tim coaches self-examination, planning and to exceed challenges. Tim starts with self-communication, clarify focus, aligning values, and set clear expectations and goals. Then through expressing self – ideas, vision, message – what must be first, following the 80/20 rule (eliminating what doesn't matter), and delegating in the most efficient, persuasive and emotional way to an aligned team.

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"Tim combines his deep knowledge of industry finance, operations, leadership & strategy with a sophisticated understanding of the latest trends and entrepreneurial focus on addressing the issues most for business success quickly. His practical approach to producing results make him an ideal performance coach and turnaround specialist.”

Executive Vice-President of Red Lobster

"It was a pleasure working with someone of Tim's professionalism and integrity. In a short period of time he was able to provide insightful analysis and solid recommendations for generating revenue and improving cash flow. He is extremely knowledgeable and able to communicate that knowledge to people at all levels in the organization."

Director of Club Services at Wyndham Vacation Ownership