Tim Murphy


  • Tim Murphy advises and coaches executive CEO management best practices to CEOs, c-level executives, founders & entrepreneurs from 30+ years with 120+ brands & 8,500+ locations. As CEO, President, COO, CFO & Advisor, Tim has been with entertainment, restaurants, hospitality, food & beverages, and retail services brands for public, private, startup & private equity firms. Tim’s mentored CEOs, executives, founders & entrepreneurs through executive advisory services & speaker workshops. Today, Tim is CEO of Rebounderz International Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) based in Orlando, Florida.
  • Tim started working in his father's businesses in New Jersey when he was eight years old, and he has worked for great franchise owners and system brands. Tim had the great opportunity to be mentored by Abe Gustin, Jr., the former Chairman & CEO of Applebee's International when Tim was CFO for the Central Florida Applebee's. Abe bought Applebee's when it was only 52 units, grew 100 Applebee's per year for 10 years before retiring with 1,300+ locations, and today Applebee's with 1,780+ locations remains the single largest casual dining franchise restaurant chain in the world. Abe mentored Tim how to grow a brand, create excellent business relationships, analyze personnel, and how to maximize wealth.
  • Tim is an international executive speaker and best-selling author with “Universal Wish” book which discusses Tim's mentor lessons, entrepreneurship and marathon running. He's been a speaker for television, radio, conventions, college classes, luncheons, dinners, webinars and seminars. Tim has a MBA in Finance, BSBA in Accounting from University of Central Florida, and is a State of Florida Licensed Commercial Real Estate Broker. He is a member of IAAPA, IATP, IFA & FBA, and is past President of Orlando's CEO Space International.
  • Additionally, Tim is an avid runner, and has run 19 full & half marathons since turning 40 over a decade ago, and during that time has run between 7K-8K miles.